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Welcome to Pocket

It’s been a long time coming, but we can now happily say ‘welcome to our new website’. Over the past few years, we’ve taken on a lot of projects large and small which has proven to keep us very busy with little time to update our online portfolio. In many cases we felt we didn’t need a website as we were already receiving many interesting enquiries. I guess, the true reason for creating this site is to share the many facets of design we uphold and also have the opportunity to distinguish exactly what we love to do.

We really wanted to create a place where all our information can be found including many of the projects we’ve worked on over the past few years. Details on upcoming workshops, creative events, current projects and future endeavours can all be shared in the one place. Insights, inspirations and case studies of our work and the work of those we admire will also be showcased here.

We’ve changed from a very digital focused studio to build a more hands on approach to Design, Branding and Typography. We want to share our processes with a wider community so they gain a better understanding of each project and the work that is involved. Yes, we do use fonts but for many of our logos we choose to hand draw every element. We prefer to create something that is a little more unique which can offer a true understanding towards any businesses branding goals. We love to draw, design and paint. Managing all three is the ultimate project for us.

Ninety percent of the work we create is designed to work across many mediums, including hand painted signs. We choose to mainly paint our own designs to uphold the core aesthetic we wish to stay true to. In many cases, logo’s designed by other studios may not have a hand painted sign in mind during the beginning stages of the design. Therefore, we choose to only paint the logos we believe will work as a hand painted sign and also a logo we believe is a good design. The last thing we want is to offend anyone but lets face it, nobody wants to work with a poorly designed logo. We’re available to give advice on your design and will happily give you positive feedback to move forward with either a refreshed approach or completely new direction.

Whether you’re a start up company looking to take the next step or a business that needs a refresh or a complete rebrand, we’d be happy to hear from you. If you’re a larger design studio or creative agency that’s in need of some unique hand lettering or illustrative typography we’d be willing to assist in your needs. If your an experienced creative designer whose interested in our work and have a strong idea for collaboration, this has been at our core for many years so please feel free to get in touch.

Exciting times ahead. We’re looking forward to sharing it all with you.



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