Newcastle Quick & Slick Sign Painting Workshop


I was lucky enough to attend one of Brett’s two-day sign-painting workshops. All materials were supplied and by the end of the two days, I had two painted signboards which I was able to give as gifts. I learnt both casual and block lettering styles and I even had time to add some effects. Brett is clearly an expert in the field and he explains everything carefully and with a great amount of patience. He also gives you the background as to why you are doing something, he doesn’t just tell you to do it.

I find this really helps with understanding what you’re doing when you know the reason behind it. He’s a chilled, laid-back guy, but he has exacting standards when it comes to equipment and doing things properly. It’s a great combination of skills to have in a teacher.

Dominique Falla
TYPISM Conference

Newcastle Quick & Slick Lettering Course


With instruction from qualified traditional signwriter and renowned designer, Brett Piva, you’ll first practice casual lettering with a brush. Focus on the key brush strokes that complete each letter will be demonstrated before working towards hand painting your own unique casual letters and words.

The afternoon gets a lot more elegant as it focuses on Script lettering styles that are common in today’s Signwriting trade and Design industry. Using the skills learned in the morning tasks, additional strokes are demonstrated before practising script letterforms.

Each style is hand painted with a more fluent action while adding distinction to each letter. Though painted quickly, concentration is focused on brush control, technique, consistency and style while working towards the final project of painting your very own sign panel with your own desired lettering style to take home with you.

This is a one day workshop with tea and coffee as required with a quick break for lunch.

All Materials are supplied.

2 MARCH 2019

Pocket Design, Newcastle
Onwards Studio

SKILL LEVEL Beginner/Intermediate

COST $190
All Materials Included

Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking.

Pocket Design Lettering and Sign Painting Workshop


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