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Pocket Design is a Newcastle Graphic Design and Creative Studio that focuses on a hand made aesthetic. We specialise in Graphic Design, Brand Strategy and Identity, Print and Web Design, Photography, Typography, Lettering and Bespoke Hand Painted Signs for projects in the arts, events, community, restaurant, bar and cafe culture.
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Creative workshops with a strong focus on
Traditional Signwriting, Hand Lettering & Graphic Design.

If you’ve ever admired Hand Painted Signs or have a keen interest in Lettering and Typography, Pocket Design’s Workshops are just for you. We have a strong focus on hand made and traditional practices in all of our workshops with classes tailored for experienced participants or complete beginners.


We teach a handful of basic but very important Lettering, Design and Signwriting techniques that will start you off in the right direction or give you guidance on a path you’ve already begun. These instructed processes are very crucial to commencing any hand painted lettering project. They will save you time in research and you’ll also have one on one tuition with Brett Piva.

Brett is a trained and qualified Traditional Signwriter who’s years of experience on a brush will guide your hand towards creating beautiful letter forms. Brett is also a highly experienced Graphic Designer who combines both traditional and modern applications for lettering and typography.


Pocket Design’s Beginners Sign Painting Workshop has travelled through major cities along the east coast of Australia while also introducing a handful of others.  Workshops such as our Basic Lettering and Layout class which focuses on drawing structured letterforms then painting them within a desired layout. Quick & Slick Lettering is a more free and expressive workshop learning the key strokes to Casual and Script lettering before applying these styles on your very own hand painted sign panel.

We also collaborate with a number of letterers, Signwriters and designers to deliver unique workshops that provide knowledge from additionally experienced and renowned tutors. The classes combine a diverse mix of Signwriting, lettering and illustrative lettering effects practices.


We’ve designed these workshops to honour an age old craft that is difficult to gain the right instruction for. Many people are turning to books and online resources but feel a lack of face to face value is available. Our workshops keep to a smaller class size so that each individual participant gains the amount of instruction they deserve for a quicker understanding of technique.

The main goal throughout the day is strongly focused around one word. Practice. All great artists and craftsmen continually practice their craft. With the right amount of practice, you’ll be ready to continue creating work that not only follows the correct methods and guidelines, it will look great too.


We strongly describe the persistence needed to move forward as a Signwriter and Lettering Designer. It won’t happen after one workshop, but with the right amount of practice and dedication to learning more you will get there. We are here to help you take those first steps and move forward one sign at a time.

We teach Signwriting Workshops with yearly visits to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra and have also held classes in Newcastle and Lismore. Whether you’re in a city large or small, that you feel would enjoy our workshops, have a creative studio or agency that would benefit from a team building experience or would like us to visit your city to share our skills or give a demonstration, we’d be happy to hear from you.


With Brett Piva and Wayne Thompson


In this full-day workshop, participants will learn how to create script lettering in various styles both on paper AND with a Signwriter’s paintbrush. Participants will learn some of the traditional script lettering techniques of the Signwriting trade, and explore a range of lettering styles such as Upright Script, Casual Script and Showcard Script.

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