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Maudie Mac's Travelling Teahouse Newcastle. Graphic Design and Branding by Pocket Design.
Newcastle Graphic Design, Newcastle Signwriter
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Logo Design, Identity Design, Sign Painting
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Design, Lettering, Sign Painting
About This Project

Maudie Mac’s Travelling Teahouse is one of Newcastle’s original food vans. Maudie holds true to the tradition of serving devonshire teas and delicious homemade cakes, biscuits and sandwiches on her daily and nightly outings of mobile catering.


Pocket Design were approached to create an identity for Maudie and direct her brand presence within the community of Newcastle and surrounds at events and on the road. We had a challenge to create a plain but cool caravan into a unique icon that could draw in a crowd.


We designed a logo that would be represented strongly as a hand painted element on the van. The friendly script style lettering and effects in the logo give Maudie a retro and memorable appearance. Relaxed tones of colour were used to keep a homely feel which instantly invites you in. The logo was designed to stack or extrude well to fit within a thin space on one side of the van and a larger area on the other.


The van needed more personality in its brand direction to gain interest from passers by. We advised to completely transform Maudie into a retro home or lifestyle dining experience. A picket fence was hand painted around the entire van along with polka dots at the top to give it that retro appeal. Maudie is now one of the cities most recognisable food vans that caters a variety of events within and outside of Newcastle and is a pleasure to see and experience.


Photography: Hannah Rose Robinson