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Pocket Design is a Newcastle Graphic Design and Creative Studio that focuses on a hand made aesthetic. We specialise in Graphic Design, Brand Strategy and Identity, Print and Web Design, Photography, Typography, Lettering and Bespoke Hand Painted Signs for projects in the arts, events, community, restaurant, bar and cafe culture.
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We are a different model of creative studio that does more than just design.

We invent, We construct, We create.

Pocket Design - Newcastle Signwriter


Pocket Design is a studio that is small by design and focussed by nature. We’re based in the coastal city of Newcastle Australia, specialising in Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Hand Lettering and Bespoke Hand Painted Signs.


We are a hands on creative studio that uses traditional and modern applications to create unique and inventive visuals to target diverse audiences. Whatever road you are taking, monumental journey or plain sailing, we’d love you to share your story with us.


We can play an integral role towards your transformation and help you become renowned in your community while widely sharing your brand throughout your adventure. We specialise in work for the arts, events, community, bar and cafe culture. We love what we do.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    We create unique and inventive visuals for Logo Design, Identity and Branding, Web and Print Mediums, Illustration, Typography, Lettering and Bespoke Hand Painted Signage. We can create something incredible using traditional methods that fuse with modern applications.



    Most of our logo designs are hand sketched and discussed with the client before any digital element is involved. The process is very hands on for both us and the client who gains further insight towards an identity they're not just receiving, they are experiencing.



    Pocket Design uses many different approaches of research to gain a clear understanding of your business objectives. We'll aid in giving your brand the customer recognition it deserves while gaining a strong personality that can be carried over all marketing materials.



    Pocket Design has a strong dedication to Lettering. Some may call it an addiction as we're constantly experimenting with type. Being trained in traditional forms from Romans to Scripts, we use hand crafted processes to give more personality to every project.



    We offer services in Hand Painted Signs, Murals, Hand Painted Windows, Vehicle Signage, Gold Leaf on Glass, A-Frame Signs, Chalkboards and Custom Constructed Lettering. We share this knowledge in workshops throughout Australia. We have the brush, we're keen to travel.



    We're old school, not street. We much prefer a brush. With every brush stroke we are forever moving towards larger projects. Larger in scale, concept and production, no wall is too big or small for a creative lettering mural that will breathe new life to an otherwise lifeless area.



    We've helped grow our arts community by heavily supporting publications, galleries and boutique markets who also share their support for the arts. This has broadened our perspective and has seen us showcase works in many exhibitions and events nationally and abroad.



    Pocket Design has many years of experience in a range of online and digital disciplines from Web Design and Development to Animation. Though we've recently taken on a more hands on approach to design, we can still assist with your brands online presence.



    On occasion, our different approach to design may require an expert level of photography to make our unique ideas come to life. We achieve this by directing our great community of collaborators we love working with and trust to deliver the best possible results for your brand.


Pocket is lead by Creative Director, Designer and Letterer, Brett Piva. Brett specialises in bespoke, hand-crafted lettering, signage and murals – and his skillset means the unique elegance of a handmade aesthetic is woven through all of Pocket’s creations.


A curious mix of ultra-modern and old-school, Brett has studied and worked in the traditional trade of signwriting throughout his career, and is dedicated to the craft of hand lettering and its culture. But he has also designed with agencies in London and Sydney with a portfolio including work for heavy hitters like Coca Cola, Cadbury, Virgin Mobile, Disney, Kodak and Subaru.


Over recent years he has travelled throughout Australia and the world to conduct research and collaborate with everyone from traditional signwriters in little country towns, to world renowned artists, and continues to lead workshops that pass his hard-won skills to new devotees.

Pocket Design - Newcastle Graphic Design - Signwriting