We do more than just Design...

We do more than just Design...

We Invent, We Construct, We Create.

Pocket Design is a Newcastle based Graphic Design and Creative Studio that focuses on providing a more unique product through strategic planning and creative construction. We specialise in Graphic Design, Logo Design, Brand Strategy and Identity, Custom Typography, Hand Lettering and Bespoke Hand Painted Signs.


We specialise in creative work for the arts, events,
community, restaurant, bar and cafe culture.


Our diverse range of services are delivered in a unique package that is initially created by hand before any digital component is introduced. We prefer to use a pencil over a program, a paint brush over an application and most of all, we prefer designing with many tools rather than just a computer.


See some recent projects below and more of what we love to do in our Portfolio.

Pocket Design - Newcastle Graphic Design


Branding, Design, Lettering, Sign Painting

Want to brush up on your Lettering?


We strongly focus on hand made and traditional practices in our Sign Painting, Hand Lettering and Design Workshops.
We love to make a mess. Why not join in.

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